Lyre's in Delicious Magazine

Staying on the wagon has never been easier thanks to Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Delicious Magazine reports.

Delicious says the 13 different non-alcoholic spirits in the Lyre's range taste "exactly like their boozy brothers".

"Each non-alcoholic spirit is designed to be served exactly as you would any other fine distillate, that is, either straight, mixed or shaken into a cocktail," it says.

Lyre’s Highland Malt Spirit is described as having a lovely depth of flavour with toffee, spiced oak and nutty grain characters, while the Dry London spirit delivers rich scents of orange blossom and jasmine with juniper, citrus and pepperberry on the palate.

"Use them exclusively for a booze-free beverage or blend them with whatever’s in your liquor cabinet for a mid-strength tipple."

You can read the full Delicious report here.